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volunteer recruitment word of mouthWondering why you can’t get more volunteers to share your volunteer recruitment appeals?

To inspire your supporters to shout from the rooftops, you must first give them something wonderful to talk about. Second, you must speak to the needs and motivations of the messenger.

Volunteer Recruitment Using Word of Mouth Marketing

Here are three reasons why your supporters will spread the word about your cause and some ideas for implementing a word of mouth marketing strategy around each.

  • YOU: It’s About Your Organization & Services

    • People will talk about you because …
      • They love you and your cause
      • You’ve given them something to talk about related to your mission
      • You’ve made your information super fast and easy to share
    • So, try these to inspire word of mouth …
      • Create buzz-worthy information and events
      • Share short and smart tips, facts, feel goods
      • Include social sharing buttons on every web page
      • Offer free training to the public
  • ME: It Makes Them Feel Good or Important

    • People will talk about you because …
      • It makes them feel smart
      • They feel important and like an “insider”
      • They genuinely want to help
      • They want to express themselves and their identity
    • So, try these to inspire word of mouth …
      • Include a “tell-a-friend” link on every web page that mentions volunteering
      • Ask for volunteer testimonials that focus on how their role aligns with their values
      • Give volunteers exclusive online badges or bling to wear
      • Invite volunteers to lead recruitment teams
  • US: It’s About Feeling Connected to the Group

    • People will talk about you because …
      • They are part of your volunteer “family”
      • They belong to your local neighborhood or community
      • They are part of a successful team
      • They consider themselves “insiders”
    • So, try these to inspire word of mouth …
      • Offer “sneak peek” insider info they can share as some who is “in the know”
      • Offer priority registration and seating for events
      • Facilitate team building activities that strengthen team spirit
      • Lunch group projects that build greater cohesion over time


Want to Learn More?

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