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Tobi helps nonprofit organizations improve performance and increase impact through the power of people.

All You Need to Know for Successful Volunteer Leadership Development

All You Need to Know for Successful Volunteer Leadership Development We’ve all heard the term natural-born leader­, but research suggests only one-third of leadership traits are genetic. This is good news for volunteer managers looking to harness volunteer passion to lead projects and move your nonprofit forward. While most leadership skills are learned gradually through [...]

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3 Easy Steps to Recruit Volunteers Using Power Words

How to Recruit Volunteers Using Power Words Looking for new ways to recruit volunteers? Look no further than your word processing software. To pump up the effectiveness of your written appeals, use the secret weapon marketing copywriters have known about for years -- power words. Words spark emotions, and emotions drive behavior. So, by using power words you can [...]

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4 Ways to Practice Gratitude as a Volunteer Manager

4 Ways to Practice Gratitude as a Volunteer Manager This post was originally published on Have you ever been the lucky beneficiary of expressions of gratitude from clients and friends. Their heartfelt thank you notes really lift spirits during tough weeks. Have you ever stoped to think about the power of gratitude? How might it [...]

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5 Unappreciated Reasons Why Volunteers Quit

  If you're plagued by volunteer retention issues -- or want to encourage deeper volunteer engagement -- it helps to know what the research says about why volunteers quit. You may think you understand why a volunteer quit, but they usually don’t tell us directly. Giving critical feedback is difficult. Most people won’t come right out [...]

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How to Inspire Better Volunteer Performance Without More Training

No matter how much time or energy you devote to preparing new supporters for service, you can expect to encounter a few volunteer performance issues. It’s only natural for folks to struggle a little as they learn the ropes.   But, when volunteers seem to be stuck or unable to find success, it’s up to [...]

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