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Stay tuned for new volunteer management trends for 2019!

We’ll release the results of our survey
in late January.

WHAT We Will Explore

We’ve dubbed this year’s survey “The Tech Edition.”

To report trends over time, many survey questions are consistent from year to year — such as salary and demographics questions. But, each year we choose an emerging issue to explore in more depth.

Technology is vital for so many reasons. It’s an essential tool to recruit today’s connected volunteers. It also helps us strengthen relationships and track impact. The survey results will help the sector better understand where we stand right now and where we need to go.

WHAT We Will Report

  • Current capacity levels for volunteers placed around the world

  • Net promoter ratings for the most widely used volunteer management software platforms

  • Current technology platforms, tools, and frequency of use

  • Top challenges for leaders of volunteer management professionals

  • Competency ratings for volunteer management and tech skill sets

  • Salary & budget trends, cross tabbed by agency characteristics

WHY conduct a survey of volunteer management?

Our field needs this. Although researchers have conducted similar surveys, none have attempted to understand trends over time through a survey that occurs (and evolves) every year.

We All Need This Information To Be Better Advocates.

  • Volunteer resource managers can benefit from seeing how their colleagues rate their own priorities, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Volunteer-led organizations need clear benchmarks to help them make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions about their volunteer engagement.
  • Nonprofit consultants, trainers, and capacity builders need to know which are the greatest needs for our field.
  • And, we all need this information updated every year.  We plan to conduct this survey each year so that we can begin to track emerging trends in our field.

Need Copies of the Previous Volunteer Management Progress Reports?

About The Survey

The survey is a project of Tobi Johnson & Associates | VolunteerPro in partnership with Pam Kappelides at La Trobe University.

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