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Successful Recruitment = Successful Marketing

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!

At the beginning of this month, we released our Volunteer Management Progress Report. As in years past, recruitment is at the top of your biggest challenges list with 33% of you stating it as an obstacle to success.

One of the keys to successful recruitment in today’s day and age is successful marketing. So, here are some resources for volunteer coordinators to make marketing more approachable. Enjoy!

Speaking your Target Audience’s Language

How to Test Your Communications Guide – PIRC and ILGA-Europe

As a volunteer coordinator, you’ll always want to take your audience’s wants and needs into account when you’re crafting communications. How can you be sure your message is going to resonate with volunteers the way you want it to? Check out this testing guide for a bit of help!

Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2018 – Volunteering Statistics

Staying informed on your audience’s behaviors is one of the best ways to be a good marketer. Take a look at the most comprehensive data on Volunteering in America: including volunteer rates, rankings, trends, and demographics represented nationally, by state, and in major metropolitan areas.

Very Tiny Changes That Have Very Big Results – Driving Participation Podcast

From colors to button size, very small design and marketing elements make or break a volunteer hitting apply and completing an application. Abby Jarvis, contact director at Qgiv, explores this concept when it comes to donation pages, but it will give you great insight into creating recruitment pages, as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ubersuggest – Neil Patel

Keyword research seems like a daunting task, but Ubersuggest makes it EASY! Find out what keywords your volunteers are searching for and what your top competitors are using to draw volunteers in. Neil’s blog is highly recommended and has tons of info, tips, and tricks for better marketing.

Top 7 SEO Best Practices in 2019 – The Creative Momentum

Stay ahead of the curve with these 7 SEO best practices. My favorite tip is number three. (It’s about zombies!)

Marketing to Your Own List

Once you’ve recruited your volunteers, how do you keep them inspired and committed? There are lots of ways to keep them engaged (check out this, this, and this), and we have a Member Exclusive masterclass coming up next month that will help you craft the perfect newsletter your volunteers will look forward to reading!

Keep an eye on our training calendar for more upcoming opportunities to take your volunteer management to the next level!