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The Latest From Our Blog – Hot Tips for Leaders of Volunteers

How to Talk About Race & Volunteerism: Advice for Allies 

How to Talk About Race & Volunteerism: Advice for Allies  Over the past five years of Volunteer Management Progress Report surveys, we’ve catalogued an ever-present reality of the field of volunteer management – that our pool of professionals (at least here in the United States) is comprised primarily of White, educated women.   This often prompts me to then ask - “Do we have a diversity problem?”  More specifically, I note the following in the 2020 Report  ...  “Respondents continue to be White (84%) women (87%). This trend has continued for five years. This represents less [...]

This is a great group because of all of the information and idea sharing from knowledgeable
professionals in the volunteer management field. It’s a great way to build camaraderie
among professionals who may not always get the support they need from within their organizations.

Alana Knoppow, MSW, Hospice of Michigan & VolunteerPro Founding Member

Just wanted to tell you what a WONDERFUL and thought provoking
presentation you gave at the conference. You’re doing great work,
and your energy was infectious.

Mary Eldred, Justice System Volunteer Program, Boulder County, Colorado

Thanks again for the work that you’re doing for our profession and especially
for those of us who are immersed in the day-to-day of getting it all done.
You not only teach creating a welcoming environment, you model the behavior beautifully.

Karen Kendall, CVA, Program Specialist, Minnesota Historical Society

I was really impressed with the webinar I attended. You have so
much value added with your webinars. I love all the extra resources
you prepare for attendees. So practical and helpful!!

Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom, Do Good Be Good

Wow, Tobi, thank you. I had not realized the value of support I was getting into….
I sort of “stumbled” in joining because of what I saw. Very happy I did.

Laura Boogaert, Leader of Volunteers

These webinars are chock full of solid content and use humor well to make their points.
The timeliness of the topics could not be better!
I am learning so many skills that are very applicable to my work!

Jenna Jones, CVA, Smithsonian Associates Program & VolunteerPro Founding Member

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