Volunteer Leadership competency model

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With the national transition of power looming before us, I cannot help but think about leadership concepts and my own self-reflection about how I work to inspire others to action.  Perhaps you are reflecting on your volunteer leadership skills too.

Here is a volunteer leadership competency model that can help you develop a framework for harnessing your strengths and plan for professional development in your areas of need. 

It’s a great framework for self-reflection and it can really move you forward in your career while making an impact on your volunteer team.  This has also been a guide for how we develop our training calendar for VolunteerPro.  With this framework, we want volunteer leaders to work on their professional develop plan with a clear purpose and a thoughtful strategy.

From these main categories we have a sample of some of the trainings we offered that are aligned strategically with this model:

Leadership and Influence:

  • [Webinar] Connecting With Corporate Volunteer Programs
  • [Webinar] Developing Your Volunteers as Leaders

Managing People:

  • [Webinar] Fully Utilizing Volunteer Skill Sets
  • [Webinar] How to Form a Volunteer Advisory Team

Managing Programs and Projects:

  • [Webinar] Count What Matters: How to Develop Smart Outcome Metrics for Volunteer Programs
  • [Webinar] Buy-In: Preparing Staff to Work with Volunteers Effectively & Enthusiastically

Foundational Skills and Mindset:

  • [Webinar] Beyond PowerPoint: Creative Volunteer Training Activities That Boost Interaction, Inspiration & Learning
  • [Webinar] Beyond Background Checks: How to Manage Volunteer Risk

As we move forward, President Obama encouraged all of us to do our part to make a difference.  Volunteer Coordinators have always been some of the greatest leaders and change makers across the globe.  It’s exciting to think about what we can all achieve if we make a plan to grow individually.

This week, our lionhearted Chief Engagement Officer, Tobi Johnson, with the help of Trina Willard of Knowledge Advisory Group and Dr. Pam Kappelides of La Trobe University and several fantastic distribution partners, released the 2nd Annual Volunteer Management Progress Report.  This is great information about the field of volunteer leadership and the challenges and sense of satisfaction that comes with this rewarding job.

To get your copy of the report emailed to you go here AND please share with your networks. #vmprogress 2017

Also this week, celebrate your strengths and get inspired by President Obama’s final charge to us all: “Change only happens when ordinary people get involved, get engaged, and come together to demand it.”