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True Independence: Time Management Hacks for Volunteer Managers

Volunteer managers can boost their productivity, even in busy nonprofit environments.

It’s no secret that volunteer managers wear many hats. You’re expected to manage program outcomes, develop and maintain community partnerships, recruit volunteers, supervise people, and more!  Did we mention you’re expected to do these things all at the same time? It’s enough to make anyone feel frazzled.

Find your true independence through better boundaries and time management skills.  Join us to learn what you can do right away to find your personal productivity “sweet spot” and love your job.

You will learn …

  • The myth of multi-tasking and what to replace it with
  • How to maintain clear boundaries, so you aren’t stuck doing it all
  • How to manage interruptions with grace
  • Brain-friendly ways to boost your productivity
  • Free or low-cost apps that can help you work smarter

How Volunteer Managers Can Stay Focused on Their Personal Goals

It’s important to be clear on our most important goals so that we can assess where to most effectively focus our time. Remember that when you say “yes” to one thing, you say “no” to at least one other thing.

To say “no,” be assertive. Say NO fist, then give one honest reason why you can’t help. Recognize that the other’s reaction is his or her right, but not worthy of a “Yes” for the cost of your focus. Offer alternatives. Find supporters; don’t let naysayers or deterrents get in your way, and reward yourself for staying on point.

Set up ways to remind yourself to use your focus question, especially when things seem to get chaotic. Schedule a weekly appointment with yourself to plan your work week and calendar and to review your previous work.

Identify tasks that just aren’t getting done and see if they are good candidates for delegation or removal entirely from your list (or better, put them on a Parking Lot for another time).