How To Actually Shift Your Nonprofit’s Volunteer Culture

How To Actually Shift Your Nonprofit's Volunteer Culture You Can Keep Your Violins The calling to be a volunteer manager is quite abstract. This is mostly because Volunteer Management isn’t recognized as a professional career path, leaders of volunteers usually don’t control their own budget dollars, and the position is often seen as entry-level. The [...]

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3 Proven Models That Will Boost Your Volunteer Program + Freebie

3 Proven Volunteer Program Development Models There are a few different ways of looking at volunteer program development. Today we will look at three models: The Volunteer Lifecycle Levels of Volunteer Engagement Volunteers as Community Assets All perspectives may be valid depending on the management decisions you are trying to make, the problems you are [...]

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How To Accelerate True Change In Your Volunteer Program + Freebie

How To Accelerate True Change In Your Volunteer Program What's Your "Delta?" What’s your volunteer program “delta”?  No, not the alluvial deposits at the mouth of a river.   Rather, as you build a volunteer program strategic plan, what is the change you hope to bring about? Do you know? If you don’t know your [...]

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