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How To Use Volunteer Surveys to Support Winning Grant Proposals

How To Use Volunteer Surveys to Support Winning Grant Proposals Sure, the volunteer survey is great for gathering volunteer feedback. But, did you know, surveys can also help you show demonstrable proof of progress to current and potential donors and funders, making your nonprofit a trusted beneficiary of funding? Funders love impact and want [...]

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How to Manage Your Volunteer Turnover Tsunami

Managing the Volunteer Turnover Tsunami  The cover of this month’s Talent Development, the flagship magazine of the global Association for Talent Development (ATD), is emblazoned with the title “Manage the Resignation Tsunami.” This immediately brings to mind current issues around volunteer retention and what might be done to reduce turnover.   It may surprise some [...]

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5 Unappreciated Reasons Why Volunteers Quit

  If you're plagued by volunteer retention issues -- or want to encourage deeper volunteer engagement -- it helps to know what the research says about why volunteers quit. You may think you understand why a volunteer quit, but they usually don’t tell us directly. Giving critical feedback is difficult. Most people won’t come right out [...]

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How to Inspire Better Volunteer Performance Without More Training

No matter how much time or energy you devote to preparing new supporters for service, you can expect to encounter a few volunteer performance issues. It’s only natural for folks to struggle a little as they learn the ropes.   But, when volunteers seem to be stuck or unable to find success, it’s up to [...]

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45 Unique & Useful Projects for Skilled Volunteers

45 Unique & Useful Projects for Skilled Volunteers "Skilled volunteers” may be a bit of a misnomer. After all, all volunteers have skills. That said, targeted professional services and expertise can have a deep impact on your organization’s ability to meet its mission and strengthen its capacity for future sustainability. Most organizations don’t have the [...]

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How to Set the Stage for Greater Volunteer Leadership

As our organizations and work become increasingly complex, we are called upon to find new ways to inspire volunteer leadership. Volunteer leaders can no doubt take organizations to new levels, but only if they are given the space to do so. Social science research offers some insights into both the individual characteristics that promote successful [...]

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5 Ways to Energize & Promote Volunteer Team Productivity

Leading Volunteer Teams for Increased Productivity Whether you’re working with a volunteer-led advisory group, a task force, an event planning committee, or a governing board, when leading volunteer teams of any kind, you want to be set for success. Investing in team capacity building now can help you not only offer opportunities to new leaders [...]

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How to Inspire Leadership with Volunteer Program Assessments: Part 2

In Part 1 of this post, we noted that volunteer program assessments are a great way to get candid volunteer feedback and boost leadership at the same time. We also noted some of the benefits of involving volunteers in an audit of your operations and identified three preliminary steps to setting up your volunteer team [...]

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