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Meeting Youth Volunteer Motivation Head On

One of the most researched and validated theories of volunteer motivation is that functional motives drive the volunteers willingness to join and continue the volunteer activity. Scholars argue that certain pre-exiting needs must be met in order for volunteers to start and stay. This theory represents a major finding in the field that has been validated over [...]

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How to Tap into Volunteer Emotions

We all work hard to find, engage, motivate, and retain volunteers and there are hundreds of ways to do this. But, what ultimately makes a volunteer choose your organization? Their emotional brain and its effect on the volunteer emotions. The primitive and emotional brain is what triggers empathy and develops a person's willingness to [...]

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The Sad Truth About Pro Bono Volunteers

In his book Cognitive Surplus, internet expert Clay Shirkey shares an inspired view of the digital age, where our online connections make it even easier to pool energy and talent for the greater good.  This could include pro bono volunteers. But, has this dream come to fruition? Have connections been made between professionals with specialized [...]

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