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Pro Roundup for Volunteer Coordinators: Resources to Help You Manage Volunteers During the Coronavirus Pandemic  

The global COVID-19 virus outbreak has reached pandemic proportions and has been persistently pulling at the social structures and everyday lives of citizens around the world. The coronavirus pandemic is impacting volunteerism, too.   

VolunteerPro has been keeping it’s community members and the general public up to date on the latest COVID–19 developments with regard to how to engage volunteers during this time.  

In case you missed them, we’ve assembled all of our blog posts into one list.  These were all created with you in mind, based on what we heard as a top need for our audience. 

Read on and stay tuned for more!   

#1: Coronavirus & Volunteers: Your Guide for Managing Uncertainty 

Learn our thoughts about leadership in times of crisis, as well as some examples of exceptional volunteer managers who are on the front lines right now managing the crisis. 

We share some ideas for how volunteers and staff can work from home and keep their agency priorities moving forward. And, we cap it off with some of my favorite online collaboration tools.

#2: COVID-19 & Volunteer Organizations: Business Continuity & Recovery Planning 

To assist organizations, in this blog post we share ideas for how to navigate the crisis, along with specific tips for creating a business continuity and recovery plan.  

Protecting the health and safety of its volunteer workforce is the responsibility of all volunteer-involving organizations. So, make sure your agency performs its due diligence.  

Your community will be better for it.

#3 Volunteer Ethics & Risk Management: Should You Bring Volunteers In? 

If you’re confused about the legal ramifications of involving volunteers on site, this is the blog post for you.   

You are likely facing a complex web of laws, risk management, and ethical considerations come into play when volunteers may be placed in harm’s way. 

Read this blog for a breakdown of the details you will need to consider to help you get a better sense of what’s at play. 

While this doesn’t replace advice from your attorney and insurance broker, it can help you ask the right questions to get started.

#4: Building a Sense of Volunteer Community During COVID-19 

For many organizations, building relationships with supporters happens through face-to-face interactions. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has shifted dramatically.  

Now, most volunteer engagement happens online. It’s certainly not an easy transition to make, but it is possible. So, in this week’s blog post we talk about communications theory and online volunteer community management.

#5 How to Engage Online Volunteers During COVID-19 

In the VolunteerPro community and in or Insiders Group on Facebook, we’ve been having lots of conversations about how to best engage volunteers online. 

So, in this blog post we offer a framework for creating these opportunities (hint: it all comes back to fundamentals). 

We also offer some tips on the special considerations that need to be taken to heart when leading a remote team in order to reduce feelings of virtual distance that can harm team cohesion.

#6 My Top Nonprofit Webinar Advice from a Decade Online 

Due to COVID-19, many of you have now transitioned to working remotely and are moving meetings online. 

Some of you have started to meet with volunteers and present webinar-based training. And, from what we’re hearing from our VolunteerPro community members, it’s a stressful transition from in-person to online. 

So, in this post, we give you some tips to make it more comfortable and even (dare we say it?) enjoyable?

#7 Working Remotely: Boost the Impact of Your Nonprofit Communications with Stakeholders 

With many of us working remotely, we’ve been asked to use new methods for communicating with our stakeholders. 

More and more, webinars and conference calls are being employed to get and stay in touch. But are we prepared to use these tools effectively? Or, are they doing more harm than good? 

In this blog post, we share some interesting stats about nonprofit digital communications and offer some of our best tips for improving your nonprofit communications. 

Now’s the time to keep your supporters informed and close. So, reach out and start a conversation about what your work with look like post COVID-19. They will no doubt welcome the chance to support you when the opportunity arises.

#8 Facebook Live Video’s  

It is our goal to be a touch point for you every Tuesday, same time, same place. During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been returning to you every week with tips to help you manage.  

Please head to our VolunteerPro Facebook page to view the replays. Here’s a list of what we’ve covered so far:   I hope you’ll keep joining us. 

  • Ethics, Risk, & Liability During COVID 19
  • Managing Volunteers During the Coronavirus Crisis 
  • Your Q&A about the COVID-19 Crisis 
  • Managing Remote Workforce during COVID-19 
  • Your 90 Day COVID-19 Plan 
  • 5 Ways to Take Your Training Online 
  • Keep Your Volunteer Community Close During COVID-19 
  •  My Top Webinar Tips from a Decade Online 

Also, If you haven’t had a chance to join our VolunteerPro Insiders Group on Facebook, check it out for announcements and connections with like-minded professionals. 

Join us every Tuesday at 1pm ET, same time, same place!  We’ll continue talking about emerging issues around Coronavirus. 

Continue the Coronavirus and Volunteers Conversation 

Each week, we’re pivoting to address topics that are being actively discussed in our Insiders Group on Facebook and our VolunteerPro Membership Community around the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

With these resources, it is our goal to be your touch point during this unprecedented time. 

Let us know in the comments: what would you like to see us cover next?