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September Pro Roundup for Volunteer Coordinators

Welcome to September, volunteer coordinators! Fresh starts abound as the air cools down (maybe?) and kids head back to school. For many of us, volunteer recruitment shifts into a new gear as families move back into familiar routines. For others, our eyes are already focused on the end of the calendar year where special events abound.

When we start moving into this phase, we naturally start thinking about volunteer training. Specifically, we’re thinking about how to do volunteer training, when, and where. If you’re one of those volunteer coordinators who is thinking about refreshing your training this fall, this roundup is for you.

From facilitation trips, some thoughts on e-learning and a little bit about ways to better leverage your time, we’ve got you covered in this month’s Pro Roundup.


Volunteer Training & Team Building for  Volunteer Coordinators

Whether it’s a training or a small group discussion, volunteer coordinators are always facilitating something. Brush up on some quick tricks with the Little Book of Facilitation Tricks.

Little Book of Facilitation Tricks 



What if all your volunteer trainings could be done online? It’s not as far-fetched as you might initially think.

1E-Learning Is on the Rise—How Can Organizations Get the Most Out of It?



Inject some fun into your trainings and volunteer feedback with quizzes. Who doesn’t love a quiz?

How to Write Great Quizzes



What if your volunteer team could assist or even lead your trainings? You can totally do this!

4 Ways Leaders Can Protect Their Time and Empower Their Teams



Want to really up your volunteer training game? Join us on September 20th at 3 pm EST.

[Webinar] Take Your Volunteer Training Online



Have a fresh and productive September, Volunteer Coordinators!