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Enroll in VolunteerPro training today, and you can count on true, professional-level volunteer management training based on decades of experience in all levels of volunteer and nonprofit management. We have been there.

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Here’s what our students have to say …

“Fantastic experience – loads of ideas to action and value for investment.”

Christine Balle, Volunteer Coordinator, IHC Volunteer Programme, New Zealand

“Tobi explains things in a relatable, down-to-earth way. My team coordinates around 1000 volunteers in a non-profit hospice and these webinars are so helpful!”

Kristine Murtz, Volunteer Services Manager & Pet Peace of Mind Coordinator, Cornestone Hospice

“I love these webinars because they always connect the VM mechanics to the many deeper psychological layers that promote genuine cultivation efforts. Tobi gleefully admits a fascination with neuroscience and the applications to what we do as volunteer managers are SO insightful. This is the way that my brain works as well, so the content resonates hugely with me and my way of doing things. Love love love all of this!”

Alison Jones-Nassar, CVA, Volunteer Engagement and Events Manager, Greater Richmond ARC

“Some amazing ideas which make so much sense! Realising that we need to be much more joined up on our emails to volunteers!!!”

Tony Gibney, National Volunteer Engagement Manager, St John Ambulance

“Love the downloadable hand outs – so helpful, love the charts!”

Nancy Haggard, Manager of Volunteer Services, Gail Borden Public Library

“All of your webinars are well-researched and magnificent. And I’m already a member of VolPro!”

Alana Knoppow, Manager, Volunteer Program, Southeast Region, Hospice of Michigan

“I have already put scheduling uninterrupted time to use. It was amazing. I actually completed 2 projects in 1/2 the time it would normally have taken me.”

Carla Bokemper, Programs Coordinator, Brazoria County Dream Center

Your Volunteer Management Training Checklist

Don’t settle for a mediocre learning experience.

Before you choose to invest in a potential training provider, ask the following questions …

Does Your Trainer Have Real-Word Know-How?

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There’s No Substitute For Boots on the Ground

Although you can learn a lot from books, the true wisdom of leadership is gained from hard work in the trenches.

Does Your Trainer Have a Diversity of Experience?

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Volunteer Engagement Strategies Vary Widely by Cause

How volunteers are engaged varies greatly, and private charities and government programs often have different requirements.

Does Your Trainer Stay Up-to-Date Today's Trends?

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The World of Volunteerism is Changing Rapidly

New technology, increasing diversity, and societal shifts are changing how the public volunteers.
The most competitive organizations will be prepared with modern approaches to meet emerging needs.

Does Your Trainer Have Evidence-Based Claims?

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Not All Management Methods Are Created Equal

Respected researchers have now called into question traditional volunteer administration practices.
It’s important to continue to evolve our practice based on real data, not opinions.

Does Your Trainer Provide Practical Tools for Action?

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Time Spent in Training Should Drive Progress

Training isn’t just about education and awareness; it’s about closing the gap on progress.
Well-designed tools can help you convert learning into action and implementation in less time.

Does Your Trainer Have Happy, Repeat Customers?

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Raving Fans Are a Sign of Real Value

Successful instructional designers and trainers are passionate about helping others.
It shows in the quality of their work and the value their students gain from the experience.
There’s simply no faking it.

VolunteerPro has it all!

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