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We are a membership-based learning community where volunteer resource managers -- from all types of organizations -- get access to expert online training and tools that can save them time. What’s more, new members immediately become part of an active network of like-minded professionals who share ideas and support.

VolunteerPro helps you answer these questions and more:

  • How do I find the right volunteers for the right jobs?

  • How do I get the support I need from my boss?

  • How do I easily track the success of my volunteer program?

  • Here's a great business case about the value of VolunteerPro.

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    “I was hesitant to join volunteer pro because I figured I can get webinars all over the Internet for free, but then my friend invited me to guest into one of the webinars and I was blown away. The depth  and breadthe of knowledge  they are able to comprehensively and understandably put in an hour webinar that always starts and ends on time is astounding. Each webinar is also accompanied by practical templates or hand outs and a printable version of the slides themselves. Along with these amazing webinars you get access to a whole community of people to share resources with, bounce ideas off of and ask questions to. Tobi herself is very active within the community sharing liberally with her knowledge and resources. I am so grateful for Volunteer Pro for helping me take my career and organization to the next level! The Volunteer Pro  team is also thoughtful and engaging. They asked to use my organization as a case study for their webinar and after beautifully and thoughtfully presenting  the information I provided I received a hand written note thanking me for my insight and expressing gratitude for my support. I have heard many volunteer managers express a feeling of loneliness or disconnectedness within their organizations, surf VolunteerPro, you will never be alone again!”

    “VolunteerPro is the next best resource for the volunteer engagement community when professional development funds are short for volunteer resource managers. When resources are tight to attend conferences or even one day meetings, VolunteerPro offers webinars and live chats covering hot topics happening right now in the field! From risk management to corporate volunteerism to burnout in you and your volunteers – VolunteerPro is a great resource to keep the profession energized!”

    “Volunteer Pro serves as a nerve center for volunteer managers from all walks of life. There isn’t quite any online community like it because Tobi Johnson has such a wealth of expertise in this area that she is able to curate the community to provide depth and strategy when it comes to designing volunteer based programming. The tone and pace of new and relevant information is on point, the community is insightful and supportive, and the content is spot on when it comes to practical application. You might want to bookmark Volunteer Pro in your browser because the likelihood is, it will be a quick favorite.”