… then, sacrifice time from their crazy busy schedules (did we mention our 12 hours of vol training?) …

… all without pay and often with little acknowledgement (thx! here’s handy coffee mug for you!) …

Anyone looking at it from the outside would think you were NUTS to take it on!

So, it’s no wonder you might be feeling …

1. Frustrated you don’t get the support you need from leadership. This is not something you string together in a few spare minutes here and there, but something you build. And, the result is a volunteer management ASSET that can only grow in VALUE over time.
2. Overwhelmed with the many tasks and competing priorities you have to manage
3. Exhausted by emotional roller coasters and never-ending drama
4. Unsure of what a clear picture of “success” looks like & what it takes to get there
5. Unclear on where you should focus energy for the best results
6. Skeptical about what can truly work to improve your results (and reduce your stress)

All completely understandable. 

But you also know that volunteerism is completely *magical* when it works right.

You recognize that volunteers are a very special kind of catalyst in the world.

They can bring about positive change that no one believed possible.

You know that nearly every great social movement in the world (and many great organizations) were started by volunteers and community activists … and they MADE THINGS HAPPEN.

Sure, volunteer management isn’t rosy all the time (we all have our stories! LOL).

But, when teams of volunteers and employees work TOGETHER, amazing things happen.