Volunteer Impact:
25 Resources to Build Your Case

Generate Valuable Benchmarks with These Tools and Metrics

It’s one thing to know you need strong data to demonstrate your volunteer impact. It’s another to know what data to present and how to get it.

National metrics, trends, standards, samples, and tools.

These are the volunteer impact resources you need to communicate with your executive director and board. Hard-hitting data and strategic improvement tasks tell your leadership that you know exactly what impact you’re currently making, what your volunteer program’s impact could be, and how to get there.

Maybe you’ve got the basics down (number of volunteers, hours, etc.). You’re ready to up your case for your volunteer program’s true impact, but where do you start? You don’t yet know what you don’t know.

Here’s your place to start.

Blend national data with tools you can customize for your organization and program and you’re building a recipe to communicate your organization’s volunteer impact in ways that leadership need to hear.

Use can use these resources to inform and support your recommendations to executive leadership for improvements in volunteer program design and outcome indicators.

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