VolunteerPro is a new affordable online professional development community for those interested in becoming effective leaders of volunteer talent. VolunteerPro is a service of Tobi Johnson & Associates, an established consultancy and respected thought leader in the field.

The Problem: Time and Budget

Nonprofit staff who lead volunteer programs — or manage volunteers as part of their responsibilities — often lack the time and budget to follow new research, sift through a myriad of strategies, and field test possible solutions. Many are new to volunteerism, working diligently to learn the ropes quickly.

The Solution: A Professional Development Community

  • VolunteerPro is a professional community of practice, offering its members a network of peers and expert mentors with whom they can share ideas and quickly gain wisdom.
  • VolunteerPro is also a learning community. Our monthly live webinars and chats offer one of the most effective ways to learn on the job.
  • Our and database of resources is constantly updated and our priorities for content creation are driven by the needs of our members.

Cost & Benefit Analysis

VolunteerPro Saves You Money by Reducing Staff Turnover

Due to its very nature, nonprofit work is challenging and often takes an emotional toll. Over half of nonprofit employees are burned out or in danger of burnout. 37% feel that their employer does not take an interest in their career development. 62% of employees that engage in emotional work hide their feelings. Those that do are at highest risk.[1]

The Bottom Line?
Because volunteer program managers often work in isolation, they are at high risk for job turnover. VolunteerPro offers immediate access to a community of peers from which volunteer coordinators can gain direct support and new tools to develop their professional skills and improve their program outcomes.

VolunteerPro Helps Increase Your Donor Base 

When volunteer programs are well-managed, volunteer retention increases.[2] [3]   Volunteers who feel connected to organizations are also more likely to make financial contributions. On average, volunteers donate ten times more to charities than non-volunteers ($2,593/year vs. $230/year). Two-thirds (67%) months say they donate to the same charities where they volunteer. These volunteers also say they are more likely to increase their charitable donations (32%) vs. 26% of non-volunteers.[4]

The Bottom Line?
A full cadre of volunteers working throughout an organization, means increased sustainability, not only because they contribute their time and talent, but also because they become recurring donors.

VolunteerPro Builds the Capacity to Fulfill Your Mission

Volunteers help organizations meet their missions in a multitude of ways — from governance to direct service to administrative support and more. If they are supported properly, involving volunteers can generate significant returns on investment for nonprofits, associations and government agencies. In one study, skilled older volunteers generated a $7.92 return for every $1 invested.[5]

The Bottom Line?
As the needs of nonprofits grow, volunteers will increasingly become the lifeline to future sustainability and even growth for organizations. Programs that can effectively leverage volunteer talent will be able to demonstrate better program outcomes and return on investment to critical stakeholders.


There is no risk for joining. Members receive a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If they are not completely satisfied with our services, we will gladly offer a refund, no questions asked.

There is a risk for not investing in your volunteer capacity, however. In 2014, roughly 52% of nonprofits could not meet the demand for services, and for 71%, these needs went unmet.[vi] Engaging qualified and well-trained volunteers at all levels has the potential to build long-term sustainability and viability.

Competitive Pricing for Professional Development

For less than $12 a week, annual members receive two live webinars per month, live Q&A sessions, access to the community forum, over 25 recorded webinars, and over 150 tools and templates that they can tailor to their own needs.

Our pricing offers significant value for less than the average cost of a single expert webinar or the registration and travel costs for most conferences and workshops. Most organizations, cannot afford to hire a management consultant to design a more effective volunteer engagement strategy. VolunteerPro helps take the guesswork out of program development, offering research-based approaches that generate results at a reasonable price.

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