Tobi Johnson & Associates (TJA)

Is a nonprofit consulting firm that focuses entirely on helping volunteer organizations be amazing.

We work with charities, causes and campaigns in a variety of environments. Such as:

  • National volunteer networks
  • Social service programs
  • Arts organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Membership associations
  • Advocacy groups
  • And others who are powered by volunteers.

DrawingWe Can Read Minds – At least that’s what our clients say. “You always know what we need,” is something we often hear.

That’s because we’ve walked in your shoes.  For over 25 years, we’ve built and coordinated small volunteer teams and large statewide networks.  We’ve experienced both the frustration and the exhilaration of what it means to work with volunteers.

When our clients describe a problem, we’re already half way to understanding it. Then, we can get to work solving it.
DrawingWe Find Inspiration in Unlikely Places – We know how critical volunteer support is to your success. So, we work diligently to maintain top-level expertise and to consistently generate new ideas.  We seek inspiration from unlikely sources. We comb the research in neuroscience, civic engagement, psychology and new business management and leadership theories  – to find ways to better connect with the hearts and minds of volunteers.

And, we keep learning and growing, just like you.
DrawingWe Get Results – There’s no point to effort unless it leads to results.  So, we make sure we understand your primary goal and what it looks like when we get there.  We advise clients on how to evaluate their volunteer program efforts and build assessment into our projects, so you have concrete info to share with your stakeholders.

To learn more about the specific successes we’ve achieved in partnership with our clients, check out our Case Studies (link to case studies page).

Our customers can tell you better than we can why we are the answer to your volunteer program challenges.
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