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How to Get More Results and Respect
for Volunteer Services

Become a Better, More Confident Leader

If you are a team of one who juggles priorities and never have enough time…
If you are frustrated by the lack of buy-in, respect, and resources you need…

This offer is for you.

VolunteerPro training, tools, and community will help you save time, build your effectiveness, and boost your influence
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If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse

When faced with limited time, shrinking resources, and an ever-growing “to-do” list, most volunteer managers search the web for “silver bullets,” sign up for random webinars for elusive quick fixes, or just keep their heads down, hoping if they work hard enough, they’ll get caught up. But for most people, that just doesn’t work.

  • Time is wasted on searches that nearly never result in quality, actionable advice or tools you can use.

  • Important goals, such as revamping your volunteer training or growing your volunteer base, get put off.

  • Risky issues, such as not having the appropriate policies and procedures in place, remain unchecked.

  • Your career remains stagnant as there’s not enough time to learn new skills and grow.

And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? Your volunteer involvement strategy will remain stagnant at best, and you’ll burn out at worst.

None of this will garner the authority and respect you need to build the volunteer program of your dreams.

The Solution

VolunteerPro founder and master trainer, Tobi Johnson, spent years in the trenches working for nonprofits and government agencies. She has both renovated lagging programs and built new ones from scratch. She has made the mistakes and learned the tough lessons of leadership and shared them freely with our members, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and can get ahead quickly.

She shares her best practices with members at a fraction of the cost of private consulting.
And, she keeps current on the latest research and trends, so you don’t have to.

But, don’t believe us.  Here’s what our members have to say …

VolunteerPro Works for These Professionals,
And It Will Work For You…

“VolunteerPro is the site we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s a place for Volunteer Administrators/Coordinators to share ideas and learn. Tobi is a phenomenal trainer and the webinars are so educational and inspiring. I’ve attended many, and sometimes more than once and I always come away with something new to put into action. I joined VolunteerPro to continue my learning of how to engage with volunteers, talk to others in the industry and be the best I can be in this wonderful profession. Tobi gives me all of the tools I need to do that.”

Georgann Roth, CVA, Volunteer Resources Coordinator/Foster Grandparent Program Director, Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties

“I love being a member of VolunteerPro because there are so many up to date resources made available. The monthly webinars, the coaching calls, the newsletters and blogs are all great. It is also good to have that sense of community with other professionals in the field. The opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and share what works and what doesn’t actually is a time saver.”

Brenda Stone, Chapter and Volunteer Administrator, International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®)

“Thanks again for the work that you’re doing for our profession and especially for those of us who are immersed in the day-to-day of getting it all done. You not only teach creating a welcoming environment, you model the behavior beautifully.”

Karen Kendall, Program Specialist, Minnesota Historical Society

“Tobi’s training and materials are exceptionally well researched, amazingly technical, thought provoking, and cutting edge. VolunteerPro also provides amazing access to advanced practitioners and researchers through their forums and networking.”

Jason Frenzel, CVA, Volunteer Manager, Huron River Watershed Council

“Wow, Tobi, thank you. I had not realized the value of support I was getting into. I follow Volunteer Coordinators on LinkedIn and saw your post today. I sort of “stumbled” in joining because of what I saw. Very happy I did.”

Laura Boogaert, Leader of Volunteers

“I manage several hundred volunteers. Thankfully there are many different kinds, interns or long term, high school students short term and some that come back every year. This was the first time I let my management duties get so out of control then this webinar made me take a good look and realize I do a lot of things and now I am going to rework my volunteer process so it’s not so out of hand. I found this webinar a good way to look at myself and better develop my management skills to make it all work. Thank You for bringing this to my attention through your webinar. It was well done and, informative and makes you step back and take a look. Thanks for the recharge of my batteries.”

Joanne Calhoun, Volunteer Coordinator, Boys & Girls Clubs of Fresno County

“Joining VolunteerPro has been the best investment of time and money I have spent to date as a Director of Volunteer Resources.

Tobi Johnson is a consummate professional, who researches and shares timely, pertinent information and tools, to address all areas of Volunteer Resources. Her bi-weekly webinars are engaging and have practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Tobi’s 25 years of nonprofit experience shines through during her coaching calls by addressing each participant’s current challenges and sharing specific ideas to help them overcome any obstacles.

I look forward to utilizing my membership with VolunteerPro to achieve our department goals with great success.”

Catherine Thoma, Director of Volunteer Resources, Hammer

When you join VolunteerPro today, you’ll be able to…

  • Save precious time. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Our ready-made templates will save you time and help you put your learning into practice immediately. We always include “next steps” so you can create action plans right away.

  • Get training at a fraction of the cost. You can access our master-level training online, saving you the cost of registration fees and travel. It’s like getting access to a professional development conference year ’round.

  • Learn the tools of today. We know recruiting. We teach today’s marketing tactics to reach today’s volunteers. You’ll get a high-tech look at how to transform your organization’s outdated practices into something modern.

  • Gain the keys to career advancement. Add value to your resume. You will not only improve your volunteer coordinator skills, but will also “level up” your leadership skills to further your career in the nonprofit sector.



You Get It All With Your VolunteerPro Membership

We host two live webinars per month, and you’ll get access to all of them. Can’t make it live? No problem, we post a recording and copies of the slides and accompanying worksheets in our member community. Just as with all of our tools and resources, our webinars are backed by research. You’ll either walk away with a new approach or it will validate an existing approach, usually both.

You can access our recordings, tools, and resources at any time, which means you can find the answers and advice you need, exactly when you need them. No more scouring the web for hours trying to find things.

To help you apply what you’ve learned and to get advice on what you’ve developed, we conduct a “mastermind” call every month. If you can’t make it live, no problem! Calls are recorded & posted in the community within 24 hours.

To help you build program structures you can use now and into the future, we lead quarterly member-only project-based “developmental sprints” centered around a recent webinar theme and focused on completing a planning deliverable.

To keep you organized, each month we’ll send you reminders for our upcoming live webinars and coaching calls, suggested recordings and tools, and big planning questions based on our monthly theme.

With our interactive online forum, you’ll get real-time answers from peers and VolunteerPro staff. That means you’re never left alone – every question posted in the community gets a response!

We will happily confirm your participation in live webinars and coaching calls for your Certified in Volunteer Administration (CVA) credential renewal.  Just let us know.

Unlike the free content you’ll find online, we’re not just giving you our opinions – We consistently comb academic research for new insights, which means you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest evidence-based tactics and best practices. This will make you a more skilled HR consultant and go-to resource for your organization.

Finally, It’s Your Turn

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action, and get a new result. Finally become the volunteer leader you know you can be and get the respect and resources you deserve.


Pricing for Individual Memberships

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  • Use Code WINTERSALE to get $40 OFF!


  • Use Code WINTERSALE to get $100 OFF!

What’s Involved? 

Membership pricing is per person. Your membership will automatically update at the end of each cycle.
But, don’t worry we’ll remind you beforehand.  If you need to cancel, all you need to do is email us. It’s that easy.

For a complete rundown, check out our Terms of Service HERE.

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About Tobi Johnson

Tobi is an international speaker, author, and thought leader and the founder of VolunteerPro and Tobi Johnson & Associates. She is known for her warm, forward-thinking, no-nonsense views on the world of nonprofits and volunteer engagement.

To help leaders of volunteers better advocate for themselves and our field, Tobi launched the Volunteer Management Progress Report, a global state-of-the-industry survey in 2015.  Each year, over 1,000 volunteer management professionals from multiple countries participate in the study.

Tobi also wrote Chapter 1 of Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Ideas and Insights for Transforming Volunteer Programs in a Changing World, published by Jossey-Bass in 2015.

For more on Tobi, read her full bio HERE.


Got Questions?

We’re happy to walk you through what’s included and give you an honest answer as to whether membership makes sense for you.

Contact Tobi Johnson at tobi@volpro.net or 206.799.9038 to discuss your needs.