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Learn how to improve staff buy-in for volunteer services and boost the support available to you.

on-demand volunteer management training

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[Recording] Messaging to Upper Management: How to Launch a Campaign of Influence

In this 60-minute live recording, you will learn change management and internal marketing tactics you can use to gain better buy-in and support for volunteer services. This webinar was originally presented on November 30, 2016.

Convincing decision makers to provide you with the volunteer resources you need to be successful can feel like an epic battle, but it doesn’t need to be. With a little planning and a clearly mapped strategy, you can educate leaders and change hearts and minds.

Have no fear, transformations can take place in how organizations support their volunteer initiatives, but it takes advanced leadership skills to bring about deep change. In this training, we’ll share a clear plan for gaining buy-in from executive leaders using proven change management and internal marketing tactics. You’ll learn how to map out a “campaign of influence,” grounded in theory and with practical application.

 You will learn …

  • How to align your goals with organizational goals to get better traction
  • How to create messages that address the needs of the people you must convince
  • How to find hidden allies who can help you make your case effectively
  • How to prepare for common obstacles that could block your success

[Recording] The Win-Win: Training Front-line Staff to Lead Volunteers

In this 60-minute live recording, you will learn how to foster better leadership and delegation skills in your co-workers (and volunteer leaders), even if they have no former supervisory experience. This webinar was originally presented on February 23, 2016.

If you place volunteers with departments outside your own, you have no doubt felt the pain of investing countless hours cultivating new volunteers only to have them leave because of a bad experience. It’s clear that helping each co-worker (or volunteer leader) provide a quality experience is Job #1. But how to start?

One way to help staff appreciate volunteers is to help them become more comfortable with their leadership role. Unfortunately, most nonprofit staff receive little, if any, supervisory training. You can change that. We will share how to support leadership skills in your co-workers (and volunteer leaders), even if they have no former supervisory experience. You’ll also get training ideas, tips, and handouts you can use right away in your training workshops.

You will learn…

  • The key competencies needed to lead volunteers (versus paid staff)
  • How to help paid staff identify tasks that are appropriate to delegate to volunteers
  • How to help co-workers deal with “generation gaps” in the workplace
  • How to help co-workers manage difficult situations with volunteers with ease

You also get this TOOLKIT:

  • [eBook] Messaging to Upper Management Roadmap
  • [Tip Sheet] Icebreaker Activities: Leading Volunteers
  • [Worksheet] Volunteer Delegation Planning
  • [Tip Sheet] Scripts for Difficult Situations
  • PDFs of Slides
on-demand volunteer management training