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[Recording] Work With Human Nature: Using Psychology to Recruit Volunteers

In this 60-minute live recording, you will learn how to design recruitment campaigns that tap into our deepest motivations, inspire authentic heart-to-heart connections, and move people to action. This webinar was originally presented on December 13, 2016.

When it comes to finding the right volunteer for your nonprofit, understanding human nature, psychology, and brain science is key. Why? Because our brains determine everything we do. By better understanding what triggers humans to act, volunteer managers can become better influencers and, ultimately, better marketers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn well-researched brain phenomena that you can strategically tap to attract and engage enthusiastic and highly-qualified volunteers. You’ll leave with pragmatic tactics, examples, and tools you can use to immediately improve your recruitment results.

You will learn …

  • How to effectively use peer pressure to motivate action
  • How to harness social norms by cultivating an “insider group”
  • How to use the law of consistency in your recruitment language to drive greater response rates
  • How to quickly increase online click-through rates by working with the brain’s natural impulses

[Recording] Write Volunteer Recruitment Ads That Get Clicks

In this 60-minute live recording, you will learn strategies the digital marketing pros use to write compelling copy that grabs attention and will inspire prospective volunteers to respond to your appeals. This webinar was originally presented on January 6, 2016.

On average 8 out of 10 people will read your volunteer recruitment headline, but only 2 out of 10 will continue reading about the opportunities you have available. Let’s face it, you can have the most fantastic volunteer program in the world, but if volunteers don’t take the time to learn what you have to offer and get in touch, you’re dead in the water.

Your ability to inspire action through your volunteer recruitment ads (most often found online) is a critical element to your success. Learn what the pros do to write compelling advertising that converts. You may not have been born a great copywriter, but you can learn it. Why not start today?

You will learn…

  • How to get past the brain’s “attention filter”
  • How to write headlines that instantly grab attention
  • Where to find the keywords that speak the language of volunteers
  • Simple formulas for headlines you can use right away
  • What to include (and leave out of) your recruitment posting
  • Which power words work better than others
  • 10 mistakes that will kill your call to action

You also get this TOOLKIT:

  • [Workbook] Write Recruitment Ads That Get Clicks (15 pages)
  • [Tip Sheet] Work with Human Nature: Volunteer Recruitment Dos and Don’ts
  • [Checklist] Using Psychology: Volunteer Recruitment Strategy
  • PDFs of Slides (2) 
on-demand volunteer management training