2018 Volunteer Management Progress Report

Our Third Annual Global Survey is Now Closed

We’re hard at work crunching the numbers.
Stay tuned for the final report to be released in late January.

WHO took the survey?volunteer management

1,241 leaders of volunteers from 12 countries participated.  They represent all kinds and sizes of organizations and causes  including nonprofits, government agencies, associations, congregations, and businesses that involve volunteers in communities.

WHAT will be included in the final report?

The final state-of-the-industry report will bel released in late January and will include charts and analysis of responses this this years survey.  We will also include trend data from the last three years of surveys.

WHAT does the survey cover?

The goal of this “state of the industry” survey is to paint a better picture of today’s volunteer management professionals while taking into account their organizational characteristics, resources, location, etc.

WHY conduct a survey of volunteer management?

Our field needs this. Although researchers have conducted similar surveys, none have attempted to understand trends over time through a survey that occurs (and evolves) every year.

We all need this information to be better advocates.

  • Volunteer resource managers can benefit from seeing how their colleagues rate their own priorities, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Volunteer-led organizations need clear benchmarks to help them make meaningful comparisons and informed decisions about their volunteer engagement.
  • Nonprofit consultants, trainers, and capacity builders need to know which are the greatest needs for our field.
  • And, we need this information updated every year.  We plan to conduct this survey each year so that we can begin to track emerging trends in our field.

WHO helped distribute the survey?

We are grateful for the help of the following distribution partners and others.  If you are interested in helping next year, please email Tobi at tobi@volpro.net, and we’ll get you on the list of distribution partners and alert you in the fall of 2018.

Want to Help Spread the Word?

If you lead a network of volunteer management professionals and would like to help raise awareness of the survey next year, please contact Tobi at tobi@volpro.net.  We’ll send you a press kit that makes it easy to share.

About The Survey

The survey is a project of Tobi Johnson & Associates | VolunteerPro.

in partnership with Trina Willard at Knowledge Advisory Group and Pam Kappelides at La Trobe University.

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