Grow Your
Volunteer Base

How to Assess Your Needs & Set a Plan to Scale

Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 3pm–4pm EST / 12am–1pm PST

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volunteer strategy

Do you struggle with:

  • Getting your co-workers behind your nonprofit’s volunteer program needs?

  • Expectations and pressure to quickly build your volunteer capacity?

  • Getting an abundance of qualified volunteers on board who actually impact your mission’s success?

Learn how to assess organizational needs and set goals that staff can get behind and support.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 3:00PM–4:00PM EST / 12:00AM–1:00PM PST (60 minutes)

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Put a Scalable Plan in Place Today

If your organization is under pressure to build your volunteer capacity quickly, it’s time to get a concrete plan in place. But, before you set out to recruit more talent, you need a clear, strategic vision of your end goal. Otherwise, you’re likely to waste precious time spinning your wheels.

volunteer strategy

You will learn:

  • How to conduct an organizational needs assessment for volunteer resources
  • How to get co-workers involved in uncovering emerging roles for volunteers
  • How to set, schedule, and track growth goals and priorities

PLUS don’t miss out on these bonus materials:

  • Program Needs Assessment Workbook
  • Growth Goals Spreadsheet
  • Volunteer Position Description Template
  • Masterclass Slides Handout
  • Webinar Replay (available for 14 days after the live event)

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VolunteerPro offers webinars that are not peddling common sense in the guise of new revelations. They aren’t offering opinion-based information only, but rather, they provide information based on actual-real-life science. And, they are developed by an actual expert whose methods have withstood the test of time.

Alana Knoppow, MSWHospice of Michigan and Arbor Hospice

Grow Your Volunteer Base
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How to Set Goals and Find Success

In this webinar, we will share a clear, step-by-step process to assess your current and future needs so you can set a course of purposeful growth that is realistic and achievable.

What does full capacity volunteer engagement look like for your nonprofit? How many volunteers? In what roles? Join us and find out!

volunteer strategy
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Presented by: Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA

Tobi Johnson is president and founder of VolunteerPro | Tobi Johnson & Associates and is an international speaker and expert in the field of volunteerism. With over 30 years direct experience, Tobi focuses exclusively on training and consulting with nonprofits to strengthen their volunteer strategy.