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  • Tobi Johnson
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    Post your questions and comments for Lesson 4 below.

  • Barb Sheffer
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    Did I miss where I can get the thumbnails for these lesson videos? The material is so rich I find myself writing down all the information from the slide vs listening. Once I have it down then I go back and listen to the presentation to absorb the information. 23 minutes could take 2-3 hours for me. Any advice?

  • Chelsey Banaskavich
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    Is there anyway to make the links clickable? I find myself writing them down and they needing to google them because there is an error. I have plenty of Q’s for the zoom call this week! Thanks-Chelsey

  • Tobi Johnson
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    @Chelsey — I just checked, and the links in the PDF of the slide thumbnails are working. When I double click, I’m directed to the webpage noted. I have a Mac, so it’s possible your computer works differently.

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