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    • Tobi Johnson
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      Post your questions and comments for Lesson 2 below.

    • Alison Jones-Nassar
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      I am not likely to gather a team for our survey(s). It’s just going to be me, at least for the survey(s) that I want to conduct before the end of the year (prior to starting Service Enterprise certification). So I thought too much time in lesson 2 was devoted to working as a team.

    • Tobi Johnson
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      OK Thanks for the feedback @Alison. Once yo’ve been through the entire course (about 7 hours of content), please loop back again and let me know if you still think this segment was too long given the remainder of the course content.

      Admittedly, there are some situations where convening a volunteer research team may not make sense (when the survey must be completed in a quick timeframe, for example). However, I do HIGHLY recommend leaders get a team – even a small one – involved. This will result in a better survey questionnaire that uses volunteer language and focuses on some of their most critical needs. Forming a team will also pay off in the future by “baking in” buy-in to the survey results and proposed program changes to be brought about by the survey. Because they are in on the action from the beginning, you will be cultivating champions for change.

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    • Barb Sheffer
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      I hope to use this course to update our current volunteer exit survey. It was created in a group without the team charter, ground rules or planner. I hope to reach out to a few members of the original group and ask new folks. I will try to put these structural items in place for the updated group. Do you see any issues in beginning where we are vs starting with designing a new product? I get a bit overwhelmed with the formal pieces knowing I need to get results by year end. Hope this course can help me brake through this obstacle.

    • Tobi Johnson
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      @Barb — Great question! It’s a super smart idea to start with an existing survey, if you’re short on time. When you form your volunteer team, just be sure you outline this project constraint, so your team has the proper expectations of the project goals and the limits to what they’ll be doing. You can always let them know the rationale for the quick turnaround and let them know that if you design other surveys from scratch in the future, they will be invited to be involved.

    • Colette Young
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      Finally! I gave myself some time to catch up on this…In the first session you mentioned something about Angela sending a document/template on “balanced scorecard.” I can’t seem to find it. Will you be so kind as to resend? THANKS! Colette Young (

    • Tobi Johnson
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      @Collette + Everyone — You can find My Scorecard for Volunteer Services (which covers the Balanced Scorecard), along with 5 other helpful free tools) here —


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