Tobi Johnson
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@Barb — “if you want to discuss further provide contact info”, I reach out to the individual. I’m assuming this is the exception for anonymous.” — Yes, this is an option for volunteers to break their anonymity.

“I’m thinking of not including this information in the results/report? From your experience how do you “report”, code this information?” — THere’s no need to report this info in you report (the fact that folks wanted to be contacted) unless you just report it as a number — e.g., 6 people wanted a follow up call. If you have follow up conversations with volunteers, then you would type up your notes, leaving them anonymous and then code them the same way you would the open-ended comments. OR, you can just use them to inform your analysis of the data and leave it at that. OR, you can summarize in a special section of your final report. It’s really up to you. 🙂