Tobi Johnson
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@Barb: Great question and perfect to discuss in more detail during one of our Q&A calls. I think it can be very enlightening for leaders to understand their impact on volunteers, both positive and negative. So, I would share both kudos and suggestions for change. Before sharing info randomly, it might be wise to set up a system for this — perhaps you share the feedback on a monthly basis with individuals who are mentioned — it depends on how often these types of comments occur. If you see general organizational patterns, then perhaps its time to discuss as a group. As with all feedback, the “praise in public, critique in private” maxim holds. Your gaol it to help colleagues see themselves from others eyes rather than shame them into change. So, go gentle and bring resources and ideas that can help them adjust. I”ll be sharing more about how to report result sin Module 4, so thanks for the kick off!