Setting and Holding Work-Life Boundaries in Volunteer Management

Setting and Holding Work-Life Boundaries in Volunteer Management To preface any discussion about work-life boundaries, especially in volunteer management, it’s important to start by talking about the line that should never be gray, and never be crossed. There are a few things to which your work and boss are not entitled. Your health, family, sanity, [...]

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Volunteer Coordination and Time Management (not an oxymoron)

Volunteer Coordination and Time Management (not an oxymoron) For as long as there has been volunteer coordination, there has been multitasking. And for as long as there have been volunteer coordination challenges, there have been questions of prioritization. In budget-limited organizations, we all get called upon to wear multiple hats with the assumption (requirement?) that [...]

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May Roundup

Pro Roundup for May - Leadership, Self Care and other things to note Do you hear that loud knocking? It's June. June. How did you get here so soon? May is always a whirlwind so as we close out the month, we thought we'd look back at some of the best articles we ran across [...]

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Do You Make These Top Community Partnership Development Mistakes?

Do You Make These Community Partnership Development Mistakes? If you’re new to developing community partnerships or just don’t seem to be getting the results or follow through you expect from your partners, you may be unwittingly making common community partnership development mistakes. Here’s a rundown of the 10 most common sticking points to avoid.  The [...]

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How to Support Volunteers with Better Budgets

It’s always surprising how many volunteer managers either don’t have a dedicated volunteer support budget, or haven’t seen it. Not having a say in your fiscal future puts you at a major disadvantage. Even if you don’t have the authority to approve expenditures, you should take an active part in the financial planning process. Your [...]

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