How Will You Track Volunteer Impact in 2019?

When you think of what your agency’s volunteers will achieve this year, have you decided how you will track volunteer impact? You’re probably already tracking volunteer hours, and perhaps even using the Independent Sector’s Value of Volunteer Time to calculate the equivalent in wages that volunteers contribute.  This is certainly a start, but this [...]

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January Pro Roundup for Volunteer Coordinators

January Pro Roundup for Volunteer Coordinators Welcome to a New Year Volunteer Coordinators! The end of the year naturally brings on both reflection of the past and planning for the future. What did we do well with our volunteer program? What did we accomplish? What did we learn? What could we improve? What opportunities [...]

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One Simple Plan Busy Volunteer Managers Will Love

Over the past four weeks we’ve been sharing planning strategies and tools to help volunteer managers and volunteer coordinators get a jump start building their 2019 strategy. In this mini-series for leaders of volunteers, we’ve shared how to map out your roles for volunteers and how to get your co-workers onboard. We’ve talked about ways [...]

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1 Really Big Way to Gain Respect for Volunteer Services

When seeking respect and understanding for the important role of volunteer services, it’s critical that you first are able to speak the language of the rest of your organization. What language is that?  What’s the overarching language of nonprofits and public sector organizations? The universal language of goals and objectives. Really?  Yep. Doesn’t sound sexy [...]

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