How to Recruit Volunteers Using Power Words

Looking for new ways to recruit volunteers? Look no further than your word processing software. To pump up the effectiveness of your written appeals,  use the secret weapon advertising copywriters have known for years -- power words. Words spark emotions, and emotions drive behavior.  So, by using power words you can pack more punch into your appeals. You may just [...]

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Meeting Youth Volunteer Motivation Head On

One of the most researched and validated theories of volunteer motivation is that functional motives drive the volunteers willingness to join and continue the volunteer activity. Scholars argue that certain pre-exiting needs must be met in order for volunteers to start and stay. This theory represents a major finding in the field that has been validated over [...]

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Volunteer Recruitment: Do You Make This Mistake?

When developing volunteer recruitment appeals, your first instinct for messaging might not the best one.  In fact, it might just shoot you in the foot. If you're in deep need of volunteers and are not at capacity, it may seem that painting a complete picture of your needs and vacancies might engender more sympathy and more response. But, research [...]

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4 Unappreciated Reasons Why Volunteers Leave

If you're plagued by volunteer retention issues -- or want to encourage deeper participation -- it helps to know what the research says about why volunteers leave. You may think you know, but often volunteers don't always tell us directly.  Giving critical feedback is harder than simply blaming the inability to continue on a lack of time. First [...]

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3 Reasons People Will Rave About Your Volunteer Recruitment Opportunities

Wondering why you can can't get more volunteers to share your volunteer recruitment appeals? To inspire your supporters to shout from the rooftops, you must first give them something wonderful to talk about. Second, you must speak to the needs and motivations of the messenger. Volunteer Recruitment Using Word of Mouth Marketing Here are three reasons why [...]

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How to Double Your Volunteer ROI & Shake Loose More Funding

It's no secret that volunteer services departments suffer from an often stunning lack of adequate resources. In fact, our Volunteer Management Progress Report survey found that about one-third (31%) of nonprofits have annual budgets of $1-$5,000 set aside for the volunteer program (not including staff salaries and benefits) and six percent (6%) have no budget at all [...]

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How to Tap into Volunteer Emotions

We all work hard to find, engage, motivate, and retain volunteers and there are hundreds of ways to do this. But, what ultimately makes a volunteer choose your organization? Their emotional brain and its effect on the volunteer emotions. The primitive and emotional brain is what triggers empathy and develops a person's willingness to [...]

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Two Big Reasons for Volunteer Appreciation (not what you think)

National Volunteer Week is just around the corner (April 23-28 in the US and Canada), a wonderful time to focus on board member and volunteer appreciation. Unfortunately, executive leaders sometimes don't readily see the value of investing resources (time + money) into anything beyond trinkets that have little meaning. There are two main reasons to show gratitude to [...]

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