[Webinar] Project Management 101 for Volunteer Coordinators & Teams: Core Skills for Working Smarter Not Harder

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[Webinar] Project Management 101 for Volunteer Coordinators & Teams: Core Skills for Working Smarter Not Harder

Tuesday, May 9, 3:00PM – 4:00PM EST/12:00PM – 1:00PM PST


    • Are you overwhelmed with tasks and not sure how to prioritize them all?

    • Have you tried a bunch of time management hacks but still feel stressed?

    • Do you have a hard time showing your boss how much work you really have?

    • Do you suffer from lack of volunteer follow through?

    • Do you want to feel more secure delegating projects to volunteer committees?

 Join us and learn the fundamentals of project planning and execution so that you and your team can take responsibility for finishing projects, small and large, on time with less hassle.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could delegate projects to volunteers and be certain they would be done to your specifications? Wouldn’t life be easier if projects with co-workers followed a simple process and didn’t waste your precious time?

Getting results as a team can be a reality, and we’ll show you how. Effective project management is the key to success, but most staff are never taught the fundamentals of this time-saving technique.

In this webinar, we will share a step-by-step process for managing your next project so you can avoid common pitfalls that block results. You can also use what you learn to help set up your volunteer teams to operate independently and successfully.

Join us and learn how you can your volunteers – and yourself – up for success every time.


You’ll learn …

How to develop a simple project plan that is more likely to get done

How to prioritize and set do-able goals using three key drivers of success

How to sequence tasks so you don’t waste time

How to monitor and prevent common project problems before they start

How to inspire volunteer leadership and follow through without micromanaging


You’ll get these BONUS materials …

Project Goals Worksheet

Project Planning Template

Team Charter Template

Tips for Better Team Meetings

PDF of Slides

Video Recording of the Webinar

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Tobi Johnson is president and founder of VolunteerPro | Tobi Johnson & Associates and is an international speaker and expert in the field of volunteerism. With over 30 years nonprofit experience, Tobi focuses exclusively on training and consulting with nonprofits to strengthen their volunteer strategy.