Free On-Demand Webinar: True Independence: Time Management Hacks for Volunteer Managers

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FREE On-Demand [Webinar]

True Independence: Time Management Hacks for Volunteer Managers

Length: 60-minutes

volunteer management

Tobi always presents practical, well-researched information, without the ‘fluff.’  This is what sets her content apart from other webinars out there in this field.  Tobi has a way of cutting straight to the point, while still being relatable and engaging.”
~ Alana Knoppow, MSW, Hospice of Michigan 


Learn ways to boost your personal productivity, even in busy, multi-faceted nonprofit environments.

It’s no secret that volunteer managers wear many hats. You’re expected to manage program outcomes, develop and maintain community partnerships, recruit volunteers, supervise people, and more!  Did we mention you’re expected to do these things all at the same time? It’s enough to make anyone feel frazzled.

Find your true independence through better boundaries and time management skills.  Join us to learn what you can do right away to find your personal productivity “sweet spot” and love your job.

You Will LEARN …

  • The myth of multi-tasking and what to replace it with
  • How to maintain clear boundaries, so you aren’t stuck doing it all
  • How to manage interruptions with grace
  • Brain-friendly ways to boost your productivity
  • Free or low cost apps that can help you work smarter

You Will Get These BONUS MATERIALS …

  • Personal Priorities Worksheet
  • “To Do” List Template & Tip Sheet
  • List of Productivity Apps
  • PDF of the Slides