Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Membership and Our Training Events

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Wondering how VolunteerPro works and what we have to offer?  Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

About VolunteerPro Membership

How do I purchase a VolunteerPro membership?

Go to our Membership Page and choose the option that works best for you.

What do I get with my membership?

Unlimited access to our archive of over 40 recordings and over 200 tools and templates, free RSVPs for our two live webinars per month as well as post-webinar live chats, access to our ProTalk community forum where you can post questions and offer advice to peers, invitations to our occasional in-person meet ups at large conferences, and discounts on courses and services we offer in the future. We think membership is the best professional development money can buy.

What’s the difference between a Quarterly, 6-Month, and Annual Membership?

All include the same benefits, but the annual membership is the best deal. The quarterly membership includes 90 days of unlimited access, the 6-month includes 6-months of access, and the annual includes 12 months. See our Membership Page for more info on what’s included.

Do you have discounts for groups?

Yes! If you have over five people on your team, you can purchase a bulk memberships at a discount. Each person would receive his or her own individual user name and password. We can even set up a free private forum for your group. In 2017, we will also be pilot testing an affiliate program that will offer discounts and funds for your association. If you’re interested in a group membership or for applying for our affiliate program, email Tobi at

Who are the other members?

VolunteerPro members work at a variety of organizations — nonprofits, government agencies, and professional associations – and represent numerous causes. Some are beginners and others have been in the field for over 20 years. What unites us is our love for volunteers and making a difference.

Can I share my membership log in or access to my account with my co-workers or other interested colleagues?

No, access is intended for individuals and should not be shared. User names and passwords are for the use of the registered member only. Downloaded tools and templates, however, may be shared with co-workers to improve volunteer programming at your organization.

If your colleagues would like to have access to live and recorded webinars, you have a few options:

  • You can invite co-workers to view webinars with you. This is open to as many as you can fit around the computer screen. There’s no limit on how many people in your office listen in, as long as they all work for your organization. But, your membership only covers one connection and one log in by you, the registered member.
  • You can purchase a bulk memberships at a discount. Each of your co-workers would receive their own individual user name and password. If you’re interested, email Tobi at
  • Your co-workers can purchase registrations for the individual webinars that interest them (and register for our free webinars, offered each quarter). CLICK HERE to see our training calendar, go here.
  • You can purchase bulk webinar registrations at a discount that your co-workers can use anytime (we would provide you a coupon code they would use to register). Email Tobi at and we can set it up.

For more info on our terms, check out our service agreement .

About Using Your Membership

As a member, how do I log in to the community?

Once we receive payment, we will send you an email with a link to set you password. Once you do so, you can log in here –

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password from the log in page or we can send you another log in confirmation email.

What if I don’t like my membership?

The vast majority of VolunteerPro members renew their membership subscriptions, so we are confident membership can help you, too. We are so certain that you’ll get value that we offer a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you don’t like your membership, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll cancel your membership and refund your money.

How do I renew my membership?

The quarterly, 6-month, and annual memberships automatically renew for up to three years after your initial purchase until you cancel it. When your membership is about to expire, we will send you email messages reminding you to cancel if you wish to do so. If you cancel, you will lose access to membership webinars and resources at the end of your current membership.

Will my membership fees go up next year?

No, we like to reward loyalty. As long as you keep your membership current, you will continue to renew at the price you initially paid no matter what the future price may be.

About Our Training

Is VolunteerPro training really better?

We work hard to bring research, theory, and practice together to help you solve your most pressing volunteer management issues. We think our content is innovative and some of the best in the biz. But, don’t take our word for it! Go here to read what our members and webinar participants have to say about our training.

How do I RSVP for webinars?

If you are a community member, you will RSVP for webinar from inside the community. You will also be able to download training events to your personal calendar so that you can keep track of what’s coming up. If you are purchasing a single webinar, you can do so from our training calendar page. Everyone who signs up for a webinar will get reminder emails with links to join the live webinar.

What equipment do I need to join a live webinar?

All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. We use WebinarJam as our webinar software, which is built on the Google Hangouts platform. You will listen to the webinars via your computer or device speakers. You may also want to use headphones or ear buds so you don’t disturb those around you.

What about joining from an international location outside the US or Canada?

Our webinar software works in any location with an internet connection. Webinars are scheduled for either 1PM, 2PM, or 3PM Eastern Standard Time (-5GMT), so time zones may be an issue for some people. Everyone gets the recording, so you can watch at any time that is convenient for you.

How long are the trainings?

Most are 60 minutes long.

Who presents the trainings?

Most are presented by Tobi Johnson, CVA, founder of VolunteerPro and president of Tobi Johnsons & Associates. Tobi also invites other guests to present.

Can I watch on my phone or tablet?

Yes! Our community platform is fully mobile.

How do I watch the On-Demand Webinars?

Once you purchase an on-deman webinar or bundle, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to set your user name and password and access your training and handouts.  You then log into our webpage and can view the webinrs and download the handouts.

Can I share webinar recordings and handouts with my colleagues, local volunteer administrator’s association, or other groups?

No, access is for the individual webinar registrant only.

Can I get Professional Development Units (PDUs) for my CVA?

Yes! If you participated in a live webinar, simply email Tobi at and she will send you a completed documentation form that certifies your participation. If you cannot participate live, CCVA will accept a brief essay of at least 500 words, summarizing the content and how it applies to your work. For more info on CVA renewal requirements, CLICK HERE.

Can I get the training handouts ahead of time?

Unfortunately, no. Our webinar software only allows us to post one document for each webinar, so we post the webinar slides, which you can download once you log in to the live training. Everyone will get access to the handouts, slides, and the recording within 24 hours of the live presentation, regardless of whether they attended live or not.

What if I have trouble joining a live webinar?

Each webinar has a moderator who will be able to assist you from inside the webinar with any questions you have. We also suggest you log in early to test your system and speakers. If you have trouble logging in, check your internet connection, the volume on your speakers, and then log out and log back in. You may have to wait a few minutes for the video to become clear.

What if I missed the live webinar I registered for?

No problem! We make the recording available, along with the slides and the handouts, to everyone who registers within 24 hours. The recordings are available to view as many times as you like for at least three months. If you are a member, you have access to all of our past webinars for as long as your membership is kept current.

About Payment

What if my credit card won’t go through?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express most times without a problem. There are several reasons why your credit card purchase might not be working. Generally, it is due to a problem at the credit card’s issuing bank. Check the following:

  • Do the name, address, CVV code, and number you have typed in match what is on the card? Your bank will sometimes reject even a small deviation.
  • Do you live in a foreign country? Sometimes your bank will block payment because they think it is fraudulent. Call the number on the back of the card and let them know it is a legitimate charge.
  • You may have maxed out your charge attempts in our system. Email Tobi at to request that they be erased.

You can also try using PayPal for your purchase.

Do you take checks?

Yes, but they must be received before the start of the webinar. Memberships are not activated until the check is received. Email Tobi at to request an invoice.

Can I request a receipt to be reimbursed from my organization?

Yes! Email Tobi at to request a receipt.