How to Double Your Volunteer ROI & Shake Loose More Funding

It's no secret that volunteer services departments suffer from an often stunning lack of adequate resources. In fact, our Volunteer Management Progress Report survey found that about one-third (31%) of nonprofits have annual budgets of $1-$5,000 set aside for the volunteer program (not including staff salaries and benefits) and six percent (6%) have no budget at all [...]

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Two Big Reasons for Volunteer Appreciation (not what you think)

National Volunteer Week is just around the corner (April 23-28 in the US and Canada), a wonderful time to focus on board member and volunteer appreciation. Unfortunately, executive leaders sometimes don't readily see the value of investing resources (time + money) into anything beyond trinkets that have little meaning. There are two main reasons to show gratitude to [...]

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The Sad Truth About Pro Bono Volunteers

In his book Cognitive Surplus, internet expert Clay Shirkey shares an inspired view of the digital age, where our online connections make it even easier to pool energy and talent for the greater good.  This could include pro bono volunteers. But, has this dream come to fruition? Have connections been made between professionals with specialized [...]

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How to Write an Awesomely Inspirational Volunteer Position Description

A volunteer position description probably isn't the highlight of your volunteer induction process. Let's face it. They tend to be a bit boring and dry, full of bureaucratic language and "thou shalt's." Nothing better to inspire your new recruit! That said, they are an important communications and accountability tool. They map out clear expectations and [...]

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Volunteer Leaders Show Appreciation Naturally

Good job and thank you!  These are the words that I ask my students to say every day in my management classes as an exercise to stress the importance of being grateful for your team.  We talk a lot about how some managers really struggle with saying these words and how quite often they really [...]

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Volunteer Leadership and Self Reflection

Click to enlarge. With the national transition of power looming before us, I cannot help but think about leadership concepts and my own self-reflection about how I work to inspire others to action.  Perhaps you are reflecting on your volunteer leadership skills too. Here is a volunteer leadership competency model that can help [...]

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